People of Motorcity

Here is a couple of pictures of the many many MANY wonderful things we got in the Motorcity secret project box!  As soon as I brought it in, about a half a dozen Titmice descended upon the box to check out the loot inside. We ate the candy and divvied up the bounty.  There was a giant folder of original art work, a metal burner logo (which now lives at the desk of Leo Parada (Aka Fabian)  Plushie Burner heads, a giant folder of art, mix tapes, posters signed by about a million people, bracelets, a lunch box, magnetes, poetry… To many things to even mention, even the box had some wicked art on it!

You know, I think I’ve expressed my appreciation for this fandom many times, finding new ways to articulate it is proving challenging… And I’ll be damned if you don’t keep raising the bar on fandom awesomeness.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this together (especially whoever had to pay for postage! o_o)  All of the different items are on desks, or displayed in varouse parts of the studio… Except for the plushy and paper craft comm-heads…  I claimed those for myself. <3

also working on getting some frames for a few of the art pieces.

In conclusion -

from myself, the Motorcity crew, and all of Titmouse: THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH <3<3<3<3

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